For Individuals

Advance Directives. Life threatening illness or injury confronts hundreds of thousands in the United States each year. Advance directives are statements by competent persons which articulate that person’s medical, legal and personal wishes regarding treatment in the event of future incapacity. The preparation of an advance directive offers individuals the opportunity to discuss with physicians, clergy, legal counsel, family members and other loved ones in advance what measures would be appropriate for them when it comes to end-of-life care. While physicians are commonly urged to raise the issue of end-of-life decision making with their patients, advance directives are legal documents.
Services for the Blind and Visually-Impaired. John has taken a special interest in helping the blind and visually-impaired since 2005, when he was approached by Stephen "Bulldog" Miyagawa (1929-2007), a Korean blinded veteran, tireless advocate for the visually-impaired and author of Journey to Excellence: Development of the Military and VA Blind Rehabilitation Programs in the 20th Century (Galde Press, 1999). Mr. Miyagawa was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. At age 76, living alone and blind, Mr. Miyagawa found it practically impossible to manage his multiple prescription medications. The only pharmacy within walking distance of his apartment in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, a branch one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the U.S., refused to implement a simple, effective and inexpensive "audible label" which had recently become available on the market.
Guardian ad Litem Services. Having served for 5 years as the General Counsel of a nine state regional provider of acute, residential and outpatient services to patients under age 21 with emotional, behavioral, developmental and mental health problems, John takes a special interest in assisting those with special healthcare needs. One mechanism available through which to serve such special needs individuals is by appointment as the individual’s Guardian ad Litem.
For more information about advance directives, services for the blind and visually-impaired or Guardian ad Litem services, contact John Little, Attorney at Law, PC.